why using Image Alt Tooltip


It is Very easy to insert images into your HTML documents. Followings are the example how to insert an image into your web page and also set its properties.

<Img Src=”your_url_image_file_name” width=”#” Height=”#” border=”#” Alt=”enter your  keywords here” align=”#”>

Src = location of  image file
Width = wide of horizontal
Height = high vertically
Border = set border size to become image frame
Alt = text to emerge in the place of if image do not loaded
Align = arrangement of image align ( left, right, top, middle, bottom).

There is no difference in src attribute when you want to use animation on your web page.
Also, you need to know how to set an image to become an image link.

Well, all you have to do is placing the image tag between link tag. Following is the example:

<a href=”index.htm” title=”enter keywords here”><img src=”your_image_file_name” alt=”enter keywords here”></a>

Note:  Any search engines cannot recognize even an image on your web pages. However, you can enrich your web pages with keywords or phrases keywords in src tag and in alt tag in an image tag. This alt attribute is very important in Search Engine Optimization.

Following is the example how to enrich your web pages with keywords or phrases keywords:

<a href=”index.htm” title=”free html tutorial”><img src=”free html tutorial/img1.gif” alt=”image 1 of free html tutorial”></a>  

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