What is Logic CSS framework


The Logic CSS framework is a collection of CSS files and a toolset designed to cut development times for web-standards compliant web layouts and templates.

Main features

Common cross-browser rendering behavior approach (not a reset).
Beautiful font stacks.
Typography with text resizing capabilities and vertical baseline/rhythm.
Three totally flexible layout grid templates, customizable with the toolset.
Elastic layout using EMs.
Liquid layout with percentages.
Fixed layout using pixel dimensions.
Planned features

Design patterns implementations and Microformats styling.
Easy to use, beautiful web palettes.
Forms and tables styles.
Wordpress base theme implementation ala Sandbox.
Many others…
What’s in the box

The main contents of the logicss/ directory are:

common.css which sets common values for styles since our objective is to have consistent rendering thru common browsers.
typography/*.css these apply typography styles to content.
font/*.css defines or mixes font families for page elements.
grid/*.css gives you the ability to use grids to layout your design.
other directories are actually to be considered EXPERIMENTAL.

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