Top 25 CSS Clean Sites

One of the most prominent design styles to make it to the forefront of design is the ‘clean’ style and the use of whitespace. It has been talked about for a while now on many websites, it is now that we are seeing it being implemented properly throughtout the net.
Personally I like this style, designed well, it gives a site a classy and tidy layout. I know that if I stumble on to a site that that tries to offer far too much information, I am instantly turned off. The clutter and the color collages sometimes are too much. Maybe we should all rethink our design strategies, go back to basics that this style offers.


1. Maqina/ (

2. Fresh Creative (

Fresh Creative

3. Oranges (


4. Aiga NY (

Aiga NY

5. Mark Boulton (

Mark Boulton

6. Cottyn (


7. We Break Stuff (

We Break Stuff

8.Design View (

Design View

9. Freesbe (




and the also rans…


         26. csshook (

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