Top 20 Games Tools


Flash Based – Hosts lots of games and videos, features tutorials on working with Flash. – Numerous tutorials for working with Flash including step-by-step guides for certain types of games. – Extensive collection of tutorials for Flash including guides for specific types of games such as shooters.

Lassie Adventure Studio – A 2d creation image with the feel of the old style Lucasarts games. – Create a Flash game from a wide range of objects and then embed it into your MySpace, Blogger, and more sites.

General Sites & Resources – A 3d modeling animation system. – Create your own games with their tools, host them on the site, let thousands of people play. – Everything you need to create a game including a pool of ideas submitted by users.

Martin Piecyk’s Website – A guide to learning how to make games with links to numerous resources. – A gigantic archive of video game midi files that, after asking permission from the people who made the files, you could possibly use in your own freeware games. – An engine to make 2d adventure games with no programming language knowledge required. – Provides game making tools, beta testing, downloads, works in progress, a community and more.

RPG Makers – A character generator for use with RPG Maker. – Lots of resources for RPG Maker including character editors, soundfiles and more. – Home of the RealFeel 2D MMORPG making software. – Home of the Eclipse MMORPG software and also includes many resources for your games such as sprites and sounds. – RPG making resources such as graphics, midis, and wave files. Able to upload games up to 50mb in size. – A popular system for crating MMORPGs.

RPG Maker – Home of the series of the RPG Maker series of programs. – Downloads and tools for various RPG engines. – Tools and utilities for 13 different game making engines.

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