Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs

Social networks are a great place for entrepreneurs to advertise their products and services they offer, as users usually visit these websites every time they have the opportunity. The opportunity on visibility for entrepreneurs is just too hard to be ignored.Social networks have to be harnessed by entrepreneurs as soon as possible for a successful business.

But because of the development of different social networks, social networking is starting to branch out and target specific users – including entrepreneurs.
The following websites are not specifically geared towards visibility of business to their customers, but the tools and other opportunities offered by these social networks are almost invaluable for entrepreneurs.
• Young Entrepreneur (
As the name suggests, this website is aimed for the youth who wanted to become entrepreneurs as soon as possible. The beauty of this website is that it’s basically a one-stop shop for every possible information that every young entrepreneur needs to start, maintain and excel in a specific business. But adults who wanted to start small can also learn from this website especially on improving online businesses.
• Entrepreneur Connect (
One of the most powerful social networks for businesses in any industry around the country, the website is supported by the publishers of Entrepreneur Magazine. True to their name, this social networking website is aimed for those who wanted to increase their connections to other businesses. Through this social network, users will be able to meet different businesses that could provide supplies or support to your business.
• The Funded (
Getting the right funds with the right terms and conditions is very challenging but this website hopes to deal with those troubles by offering the experiences of others who have sought funding. Users who have joined this website will be able to access different terms and agreements from different funding source. Feedbacks and reviews on funding could also be given by users so that you’ll be able to have a fair idea if your source of funds will be for the best.
• Start Up Nation (
The name of the website may just tell you that it’s a social network for entrepreneurs focused on starting a business. But the website offers more than just simple connectivity for those who wanted to start a business fast. This social network has articles that contain tips and important information that could be used by entrepreneurs when they opt to start a business. Take note of their tips on how to properly conduct elevator pitch as well as marketing.
• Partner Up (
If you’re in need of something that can’t be easily found in your area, this website will be of great help. Partner Up is a website dedicated for businesses who wanted to advertise services and their products to other businesses. Entrepreneurs seeking advice on certain issues related to business could also be found in this website. A directory is also available in the website to easily search members or services needed by the entrepreneur.
• Biznik (
Biznik’s uniqueness is based on the fact that it is a place for freelancers and small businesses. Although the website doesn’t explicitly say that most of their users are small business owners or self-employed, it’s still a viable website highly recommended for freelancers to be visible for more clients. Security is enhanced on the website since real name should be used in this social network. A fee is required for those who wanted to be more visible in Biznik but the basic services that the website offer is free.
• LinkedIn (
Undoubtedly the most popular website for professionals, this form of social network could greatly benefit entrepreneurs in meeting other professionals who can aid them in their businesses. Tools offered by LinkedIn are also highly recommended to enhance the users experience on the website.

• Perfect Business (

Aside from being a social network that allows businesses and entrepreneurs connect for mutual advancement, Perfect Business is also full of information not only through articles but videos as well.Webcasts could be viewed by anyone that contains very important information regarding the latest in various industries. Anyone can sign up for free but a monthly fee of $29.99 is asked for a better experience with the website.

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