Best SEO Tips 2011

Best SEO Tips 2011, In this post i am sharing  a best tips & tricks of Best SEO 2011. Step by step you learn how to optimized your blog or website with the help of Best SEO Tips 2011.

Use Google Webmaster Forums

This forum is full of experts on SEO, and you should definitely pick their brains. If you are new to the world of SEO or you are just stuck on a specific problem, then Google’s Webmaster Forum is a good place to start.

Page Rank Gravity

The Page Rank algorithms for Google keeps evolving, and they get better at filtering out all those spam sites. Page Gravity can only be described through an example. Let’s say you only have one link from a site with PR 7, then your site will have a PR 6. But if you had one link from PR 7 and 1000 links from a PR 0 then your site will have a PR 2 or 3. So it no longer matters how many links you accumulate, what matters is the quality of those links.

Always get Backlinks

So unfortunately that means you need to create quality content that will boost your sites Page Rank which will attract people to give you backlinks. For those of us who has the talent, you can create a popular widget where people can use on their own site and create a backlink for you. What they call this is a link bait.

– Google Webmaster Tools: Google Webmaster Tools are a must for SEO when it comes to making sure your site is indexed into Google.  From their verification method to their Google Sitemap, these methods should never be looked over.

– Bing Webmaster Tools: Recently, it was brought to our attention that the Bing Tools are just as effective as Google’s.

–  DMOZ: There’s been much speculation on whether the DMOZ stil accepts websites into this powerful directory, and the answer is absolutely, positively yes.  Follow their submission guideline’s to the T for best results.

4.  Blog: 4 powerful letters that add a punch to your SEO endeavors. Every website should have a blog attached to it. Not only is this  a good way to keep visitors posted on your latest and greatest, but Google loves a good blog.

5.  Google Blog: Sounds difficult already doesn’t it. Not really. If your website is indexed into google, more than likely it’s good enough to be a part of the Google Blog section.

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