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Breathe Mobile WebSMS – Free SMS 

This free SMS sending services requires you to sign up, and activate the account with your cell phone. Just paste the code sent to your phone on the form, activate it and you are good to go. I’ve tested and my friends received them. The only drawbacks is the fact that every messages come attached with a line of advertisement. Well, for something free I wouldn’t complain too much.

Breathe Mobile is proud to present Breathe Free SMS service. Simply sign up on our websms and start texting. Our free sms service presents the following features.

  • Allows receipient to reply directly to your mobile
  • Allows you to send free SMS via the websms interface to over 160 countries so you can keep in touch with your love ones
  • Free SMS is totally free of charge

So what’s the catch? Well, this is a totally ad supported service. Each free SMS you send carries a simple advertising text at the end. It’s non intrusive so try sending one to yourself now. Brought to you by Breathe Mobile WebSMS – Send SMS free with Chawt

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