Increase Your Adsense Earnings

You may wonder when checking your Adsense stats that you’re getting a lot of $0.01 clicks. The reason for this could be one of three things:

A) Your account has been Smart Priced
B) Your site is in a low paying Niche
C) You’re getting a lot of MFA (Made for Adsense) Ads on your site

Lets concentrate on C for now. Firstly, how do you know if you’re getting lots of these types of ads on your site. Install the Adsense Preview Tool which will allow you to preview the ads showing on your site.

The reason for low paying clicks is called Adsense Arbitrage. Webmasters bid low amounts on every keyword possible, they then redirect the user to another page where they are displaying higher earning ads. So for example say they get a particular keyword for $0.01 but they redirect the user to a page where they’re making $0.40 per click. That’s a markup of $0.39.

There is a way to filter out these types of sites. You can use the tool to visit them & see for yourself if it’s just a page full of ads. You can also visit Adsblacklist and use their constantly updated list of MFA Sites.

You should notice a considerable increase in your EPC (Earnings Per Click) when list is applied to your Adsense Filter List (Which is found in the Adsense Setup part of your Account).

Here’s the Adsblacklist top 20 worst Offenders:

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