Importance of Anchor Text in SEO


When building links for the purpose of SEO, the single most important part of any link is the actual text that makes up the link, this text is called the Anchor Text.

Have a look at the following two examples:

To visit John Bloggs Watches website click here

To visit John Bloggs Watches website click > Diamond Watches

The last two words of the above sentences would be the text that is hyperlinked to a specific web page, and that text is called the Anchor Text.

What you must do in all of your links, external incoming links or internal links, is use your keywords in your Anchor Text. This is very important.

If the Anchor Text is made up from your Keywords that link will carry a lot more weight in the eyes of Google.

So, without doubt getting the words that are used to link to your website to be your keywords, is the single most important aspect of your SEO.

Whenever you get someone to link to your website, do your best to get them to use your keywords in the Anchor Text, if need be send them an email showing you exactly how you want the link on their site to appear e.g. if you are writing and submitting articles to article directories you have full control over the link text. This is one of the reasons why article writing can be very powerful when it comes to SEO.

The ultimate link would be a ‘keyword rich’ link from a page that contains information that is relevant to your information.

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