HTML Characters

Greater-than and less-than signs have special meaning within HTML documents and, because of this, can’t be used on a web page unless they are specified in a particular way. These special characters are specified in HTML by “surrounding” a simple description of them with an ampersand (&) and a semi-colon (;).Please find below a list of common characters:

Character Name Character HTML Tag
Ampersand & &
Less than sign < &lt;
Greater than sign > &gt;
Non-breaking space   &nbsp;
Inverted exclamation point &iexcl; &iexcl;
Inverted question mark &iquest; &iquest;
Cent Sign ¢ &cent;
British pound £ &pound;
Yen &yen; &yen;
Copyright © &copy;
Registered ® &reg;
Degree ° &deg;
Plus-or-minus sign ± &plusmn;
Division sign &divide; &divide;
Paragraph &para;
Acute accent ´ &acute;
Cedilla accent &cedil; &cedil;
Umlaut &uml; &uml;
A grave uc &Agrave; &Agrave;
A acute uc &Aacute; &Aacute;
A circumflex uc &Acirc; &Acirc;
A tilde uc &Atilde; &Atilde;
A umlaut uc &Auml; &Auml;
A ring uc &Aring; &Aring;
AE Ligature uc &AElig; &AElig;
a grave lc &agrave; &agrave;
a acute lc &aacute; &aacute;
a circumflex lc &acirc; &acirc;
a tilde lc &atilde; &atilde;
a umlaut lc &auml; &auml;
a ring lc &aring; &aring;
ae ligature lc &aelig; &aelig;
C cedilla uc &Ccedil; &Ccedil;
c cedilla lc &ccedil; &ccedil;
E grave uc &Egrave; &Egrave;
E acute uc &Eacute; &Eacute;
E circumflex uc &Ecirc; &Ecirc;
E umlaut uc &Euml; &Euml;
e grave lc &egrave; &egrave;
e acute lc &eacute; &eacute;
c circumflex lc &ecirc; &ecirc;
e umlaut lc &euml; &euml;
I grave uc &Igrave; &Igrave;
I acute uc &Iacute; &Iacute;
I circumflex uc &Icirc; &Icirc;
I umlaut uc &Iuml; &Iuml;
i grave lc &igrave; &igrave;
i acute lc &iacute; &iacute;
i circumflex lc &icirc; &icirc;
i umlaut lc &iuml; &iuml;
N tilde uc &Ntilde; &Ntilde;
n tilde lc &ntilde; &ntilde;
O grave uc &Ograve; &Ograve;
O acute uc &Oacute; &Oacute;
O circumflex uc &Ocirc; &Ocirc;
O tilde uc &Otilde; &Otilde;
O umlaut uc &Ouml; &Ouml;
O slash uc &Oslash; &Oslash;
o grave lc &ograve; &ograve;
o acute lc &oacute; &oacute;
o circumflex lc &ocirc; &ocirc;
o tilde lc &otilde; &otilde;
o umlaut lc &ouml; &ouml;
o slash lc &oslash; &oslash;
U grave uc &Ugrave; &Ugrave;
U acute uc &Uacute; &Uacute;
U circumflex uc &Ucirc; &Ucirc;
U umlaut uc &Uuml; &Uuml;
u grave lc &ugrave; &ugrave;
u acute lc &uacute; &uacute;
u circumflex lc &ucirc; &ucirc;
u umlaut lc &uuml; &uuml;
Y acute uc &Yacute; &Yacute;
y acute lc &yacute; &yacute;
y umlaut lc &yuml; &yuml;

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