Check ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Policy Status Online

1. If you are a new customer and have not opened an online account yet, visit their homepage >> Click on Customerunder “Members Login” panel >> Click on New User? Click here >> Provide your policy details and click on Submit to register for a new account.

2. After creating the account, enter your username and password to login to your account (if you have already created an account, enter your login details here)

3. Once you have logged into your account, you can click on your policy number to check it’s status

4. You are done.

You can check your insurance policy status online by following the above steps. Now if you have got several insurance polices and want to access them all from one single account, contact ICICI Prudential customer care on their all India toll free number – 1600222020 and place a request.

Checking Insurance Policy Status by SMS

ICICI Prudential users can also check policy status by sending a sms from their mobile phone. Follow the below steps :

  1. Compose a new message on your mobile
  2. Type PST <space> your 8 digit policy number
  3. Send it to 56767 (e.g. PST 096044xx to 56767)
  4. You will get a sms alert on your mobile within your policy status
  5. You are done.