How to write a sales copy for your website

Your headline: The headline is the most important part of your sales copy. Your headline should capture the attention of the visitors and suck them into the body of your sales copy.

Remember that you have only ten seconds at most to capture the attention of your prospects or they will simply click away. You can easily achieve that by having the greatest benefit of your product in the headline of your sales copy.

You can also include a startling revelation/fact or a warning to capture the attention of your prospects and keep them reading.

Put simply, the headline should be benefit driven, attention grabbing and made to persuade the reader of your sales copy to keep reading.

Bullets: You should use bullets to highlight the benefits of your product(s). You see, most people will not read the sales copy but rather skim through it and bullets enable you to focus their attention on the benefits of your product.

Benefits Vs features: Focus on the benefits of using your product as opposed to the features of your product. For example, the phrase “comfortable mattress” describes a feature but “Wake up relaxed and ready to face the day ahead” goes further to show the benefits of the feature. Don’t assume the prospect already knows.

Bolding and highlighting: Use bolding and highlighting to emphasize important points or phrases. Highlighting in yellow always seems to work best. However, don’t overdo it or you will lose the intended purpose in the first place.

Call to action: You should have a strong call to action throughout your sales copy. For example, you can include such calls to action as “Click here to unlock your potential right now!” or “Click here to discover the secrets now!” You should also create a sense of urgency so that your prospects are motivated to take action right away.

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