How to use Simple Double Quotes

1. HTML source code

Start with a blockquote and some text.

<blockquote>Hello, I am a double quote…</blockquote>

2. Specify blockquote

Specify blockquote element as follow:

blockquote {
font: 1.2em/1.6em Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif;
width: 400px;
background: url(images/close-quote.gif) no-repeat right bottom;
padding-left: 18px;
text-indent: -18px;

The CSS code above will display the close-quote.gif graphic background at bottom right corner. The padding-left and text-indent will create a hanging indent of -18px. It will look like this:

3. First letter of blockquote

Now add 18px left padding to the first-letter of blockquote. This will make the text align together. Then display the open-quote.gif at top left corner. Note I made the first letter in different font styles just to look nice.

blockquote:first-letter {
background: url(images/open-quote.gif) no-repeat left top;
padding-left: 18px;
font: italic 1.4em Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif;

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