How to Remove Antivirus 360


Antivirus 360 also called a360 is not a simple antivirus program. It’s actually a rogue spyware that needs to be removed as soon as possible. When this virus sneaks onto your computer, pop-ups start to appear. You are going to receive many false security alters stating that your PC has been infected with viruses and is in danger. Then you will be asked to download the Antivirus 360 program to get rid of the viruses. If you do that, the program will run a fake scan but will remove nothing, it will simply spread the infection even more. If this spyware remains in your computer, it will steal your private information such as passwords, bank statements and credit card numbers. Also this software can potentially destroy your PC.

How did Antivirus 360 get onto my computer?


  • Maybe you have downloaded video codec from unknown websites.
  • Maybe you have visited a malicious website or downloaded music files from P2P networks.
  • There are also security loopholes in the Adobe software, which could have allowed this Trojan to invade your system.


What will happen if I don’t remove a 360?

Apart from stealing your private information, there is another danger. This software lists legitimate files as infections. If you make the mistake to manually delete these files, then windows will become unusable and your system will be destroyed. Also a360 can collect sensitive data and sent it to a remote host.

How do I remove Antivirus360 off my computer?

Removing it manually can be difficult because this virus is very sneaky. You need to track all the hidden malicious files and delete every single one. If you miss a single strain, then the next time you reboot your PC the virus will spread again all over your system. Your best option would be to scan your computer with a good anti-spyware tool, to make sure you completely remove this virus and avoid any further problems.

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