How to Preparing Your Pages for Search Engine


“The key strategy is to use one particular keyword in your title tags, description tags, keywords tags, keyphrases tags and in the upper portion of your page itself. For example in our example we will concentrate on the Muhammad Ali Boxer keyword throughout this article.”

1. The Title Tag

Title tags look like this <TITLE></TITLE>. My suggestion is don’t be restricted to your Website Name inside your title tags, for example if your page is about Muhammad Ali as our chosen example, don’t just make a title called

<TITLE>Muhammad Ali</TITLE>.

You can add more of your keywords <TITLE>Muhammad Ali – The Greatest Boxer in History.</TITLE>

This will not only improve your search rank but it will make your page title easier to understand. Why do you think it should increase your search rank, because if somebody is searching for Muhammad Ali Boxer then your site would be higher than a site which has only Muhammad Ali as a title. That is why try to include as many keywords as possible in the title tags, size of your title tag should not exceed 60 characters.

2. The Description Tag

Description tag allows you to enter your own description of the page, this description will be used in the search results. Description tag should include some of your keywords, in our case it should include Muhammad Ali Boxer keyword. Description tag should not be more than 200 characters.

<meta name=”description” content=”Muhammad Ali – The Greatest Boxer in History. This page has all the information about Muhaammad Ali. His Biography, Photos, Discussion Forum and Chat.”>

3. The Keyword Tag

Keyword tag allows you to define your page with keywords usually seperated by commas. It should include important keywords to your website and it’s content. For our case it should for sure include Muhammad Ali and Boxer. Keyword meta-tags should not exceed 1000 characters.

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Muhammad, Ali, Boxer, Cassius, Clay, Greatest, Boxer, Black, American, Muslim”>

4. The Keyphrase Tag

Difference between keyword and keyphrase is that keyword should be only one word, whereas keyphrase can be more than one word. As you see below we have incluced our keyphrase Muhammad Ali Boxer as one key-phrase.

<meta name=”keyphrases” content=”Muhammad Ali Boxer, Cassius Clay, Greatest Boxer, Black American, Muslim”>

So our full meta-tags now looks like this.

<TITLE> Muhammad Ali – The Greatest Boxer in History.</TITLE> 
<meta name=”description” content=” Muhammad Ali – The Greatest Boxer in History. This page has all the information about Muhaammad Ali . His Biography, Photos, Discussion Forum and Chat.”> 
<meta name=”keywords” content=” Muhammad, Ali, Boxer, Cassius, Clay, Greatest, Boxer, Black, American, Muslim”> 
<meta name=”keyphrases” content=” Muhammad Ali Boxer, Cassius Clay, Greatest Boxer, Black American, Muslim”>

Each meta tag includes our three keyphrases Muhammad Ali Boxer.

5. Your keyphrase in the upper portion of your page

Your keyphrase should appear at least once in the upper portion of you page, click here to see the example. As you see the title of tha page is “Muhammad Ali – The Greatest Boxer in History” which includes all three keywords ( Muhammad, Ali, and Boxer ). Search engines will try to match the meta-tags with the content of the page. So it is a good practice to put your keyphrases in the upper portion of your page. Thus making it easier for search engines to capture the keyword from the content.

6. Naming your pages

Naming your pages with relevant words will help the user to understand what this page contains and make a desicion before he/she clicks. For example user would likely to click on the page with a name muhammad_ali_boxer.html rather than page0002.html

7. Links does matter

Number of pages that are linking to you does matter in the search results. If many sites are linking to your page search engine will places more importance to your page rather than others’. Because it will think since many websites are linking to this page it should be a good website. So make some link exchanges inside your website with other websites.

Now you are ready to submit your website to Search Engines. Give some time for Search Engines to list your website, at least 2 weeks.

Result: Here you can see this page’s rank in Yahoo and Google with the keywords Muhammad Ali Boxer. You should find this page (the page you are reading now) on the first or second page of the results page, because the results changes time to time. You will see “Ades Design – ” from the results. I just did the above mentioned steps and as you see my page landed on the first page of the search engines.

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