How to integrate StumbleUpon to your blog


According to WikipediaStumbleUpon is a web discovery service which integrates peer-to-peer and social networking principles with one-click blogging. The Toolbar system automates the collection, distribution and review of web content within an intuitive social framework, providing users with a browsing experience which resembles “channel-surfing” the web.

Those of you who has used StumbleUpon (SU) before might have experienced the traffic they can send you if your site get’s stumbled. Also traffic from SU lasts more and can be higher than the traffic send from Digg. So why not encourage your visitors to Stumble your blog posts?


SU can be integrated to your WordPress blog in 2 easy ways. LiewCF recently explained the direct method of adding StumbleUpon to your WordPress Blog.


Here I will explain on how to add StumbleUpon to your Sociable WordPress Plugin.

For those of you new to Sociable, it is plugin for WordPress that appends links to Social bookmarking sites at the end of each of your blog’s posts. This makes it easier for your readers to bookmark your posts thereby increasing your potential audience.

Sociable supports many sites like Digg,, Reddit, etc but not StumbleUpon. So here I will explain on how to add StumbleUpon to Sociable.

Instruction to add StumbleUpon to Sociable

Download the modified Sociable from here

Now activate the Sociable WordPress Plugin and go to Options > Sociable and select the bookmarking sites that you like and click ‘Save Changes’


For some reason if StumbleUpon’s icon does not show up, try clicking ‘Restore Built-in Defaults’ and see if it works.

Now check one of your blog posts and you should see something like this.

Note: You don’t need to add any code to make Sociable work as it hooks the_content() and the_excerpt() to display without requiring theme editing.

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