How to Get Google to Index Your webSite too Fast


How to get Google to index your site fast.

To understand how to get indexed, we need to examine how google actually indexes sites. Let’s pretend you have a brand new site. You have built some content and you are now waiting and wondering when Google is going to notice you. Google spiders crawl through the internet looking for new things all the time. Typically, they discover sites via links that are pointing out to someone else’s site.


  • In other words, let’s say that you are Site A. You have no links from any other sites.
  • You happen to go to a popular forum and point a link to your site in your signature.
  • Google crawls this site. This is what happens. Going from the top left of the forum, they will start to gather words and move on down. Each time they reach a link, they place this “in queue” to visit once they are finished crawling the page.
  • They find your site link and will eventually follow it to your site, and crawl your page looking for more links to follow.
  • And so on and so forth.


Some pages get crawled more often. This depends largely on how active the site it. In some cases, a site is crawled every minute because the site is constantly changing.. Alternatively, some sites are crawled once a month because the site doesn’t update very often.

In addition to this, not all sites get crawled equally. For instance, if your link is one of a hundred links on a page, then Google may or may not reach your site. If your site is a one page site (like Squidoo), then it is likely that Google won’t reach your link because the page would be considered “deep” within the site.

So assuming that this is fact (which it is), in order to get indexed fast, which site would provide you with the best chance of getting known?

Here are a list of sites that will help you get indexed by Google quickly-


  • EzineArticles– Writing an article for EzineArticles will get you indexed not only because there are so many changes happening daily BUT also because EzineArticles will place your initial article on the front page. In other words, Google won’t have to reach deep into the website to find your link.
  • RSS directories– Additionally, RSS directories are a great way to get indexed quick because not only are there a lot of changes, but many people will pick up RSS feeds and place them on their site.
  • Social Sites like Digg and Sphinn– Once again, it happens because these types of sites are constantly changing and your site is listed in more than one spot.

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