How to Fix Registry Errors!


Fixing your registry seems incredibly complicated but can often be the complete opposite. Your registry has all the information you need about updates, installs and un-installs. Generally when you have a problem with your registry it’s because the system has become bloated. The best way to keep this from happening is to check it regularly and clean, reorganize and get rid of any errors. When you fix your computer registry, you ultimately free up resources on your computer.

To fix your registry, you must first search it. If you simply go to your start menu and type “regedit” into the RUN command, your registry should load up for you to review. Delete files and programs you no longer need or use. If a program won’t delete, you can “edit” your registry. Remove all files and folder under that registry branch so that it doesn’t cause any major conflicts with your Windows system.

Make sure to always back up your registry before trying to fix any problems. You might be deleting something that SHOULDN’T be deleted, so by backing it up, you’re keeping things safe. If you have a registry cleaner, the backup will happen automatically. If not, you will need to type ntbackup.exe into the RUN command. If you simply want to save/backup particular registry keys, search for your registry and then find and click the subkey on whatever you want to save/backup. You are able to them export this file through the FILE menu. Save the registration entry in whatever location you want.

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