How to find highest paying keywords for adsense

We have to be vigilant while tracking the trends of searches which would give us a hint of highest earning keywords for adsense. But, the information about highest earning keywords alone would not be sufficient. Even if you hastily keep some posting with those keywords , adsense will not err by placing highest earning keyword ads. It reads entire site, decides the topic or theme and accordingly keeps ads in the first page of the site. inner pages ads are placed as per the keyword concentration. So find rich keywords that bring us profits from the adwords external keyword tool, find the bid for that keyword and also cross check with yahoo rates for the same keyword.
There is a misguiding phenomena in this adsense world. The keyword tool tells that the highest bid is 100 dollars but the bid amount is only 100 dollars, so that that day only one click or two gets that rate. The next immidiate bid can be at 40 dollars. so, we should be clever in finding the highest earning keywords.
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