How To Earn Money through Adsense


There are many ways to make money online and one of the most common method used by other is to monetize their website with Google Adsense. If you don’t know anything about make money with adsense program, you can simply do a search and there are easily dozen of tips, articles and guides on the internet that talk about this, from applying for the account to putting up codes on your website and also about optimizing the adsense ads.

The problem is every guide is preaching about the same thing over and over again, but, is it really that simple and easy to make money from adsense?

If you ever talk to some internet marketers, you will know that making money out of adsense is more than just creating website and putting up ads codes. That’s the easiest part. The most difficult part is how to drive traffic to the website and not only traffic, but massive traffic because without huge visitors, you are not going to make any money with it or paltry sums at best.

I have been making money online for quite sometimes and believed me; it is very discouraging during the initial period. For a start, with Google Adsense, you need to make a hundred dollars before you are being paid. Well, seriously $100 is not a very big figure and achieving it is not that difficult. But, do you know that most bloggers won’t make that figure even in a year and so, if you are a beginner, you better get mentally prepare that it will take quite a while for you to reach that figure.

Now, if you ask why most bloggers won’t make money with adsense, that answer is simple. They probably don’t have many visitors to their website. Imagine if you have only a handful of visitors coming to your blog or website, do you think you are going to make money out of them? And then, out of these handful of visitors, probably only 1 or 2 might, and I said might, click your ads. So, you still think that make money online is simple.

So, how to have huge number of visitors to your website? Well, you already have the answer, although you probably don’t know it. Google. Yahoo. MSN. Search engine. This blog that you are reading now started with zero visitors. You won’t know this blog and you probably landed here due to your search in Google, yahoo or MSN and being referred here. Most of the times, when you want to look for some information, material, products, or anything else, you will probably do a search and let Google tells you. So, whatever you do, the other does the same. That’s where the massive traffic comes from, from the search engine, do you see it?


If you want to make money from adsense, then, you need to know that these types of organic search traffic from the search engine is by far the most effective for Adsense. When people reach your website through search engine, they already have something in mind. They are trying to look for something and if they happen to see some ads that have keywords showing what they are looking for, chances are they will click it and that’s how you make money.

Let me give you an example. Let’s take a person that searches for “How To Make Money Working From Home” in Google. When someone search for that, he or she are likely to be looking for job that they can work from home and then, they found your website which is all about jobs or information about working from home, and if they find an ads that has keywords about working from home, they will probably click it and so, you make yourself couple of dollars.

Therefore, you can see that ranking high in search engine is very important when you are going to use Adsense to make money, which I have been emphasizing here. You will need to get ranked for popular keywords or phrase that people are searching for and if you come up in the first spot in Google search, then, expect to see huge amount of traffic coming to your site.

Google has a bigger market share than the other two search engine, Yahoo and MSN, but, bear in mind that getting ranked in all three of them are equally important. There is no secret to getting rank well with them: put the right legit content on the page and then work on getting back links with targeted anchor text pointing back to these pages. These will help you to strengthen your rankings in the search engine.

Adsense Optimization

Once you get enough traffic to your site, the next possible problem you may encounter might be not many people are clicking your Adsense Ads. It is a problem that many people are facing as there are length discussions on many forums and discussion boards talking about how to optimize Adsense.

Different people have different ideas about adsense optimization, but, it all boils down to experiment. Google adsense allow you to create channel for ads to monitor the click rate, so, make sure that you setup different channels for different ads and monitor it closely.

Try to put your ads in different spot and observe for a few days. If they are not getting any click, consider to move to another spot again, till you found the one that attracts the most clicks. Next, you may also consider testing the colors as well. Try out different colors to see whether it will affect the clicks

It is important that you let the ads stays for a few days before you make changes because the traffic level might not be the same daily. Alternatively, you can set a fixed page impression rate before making changes.

So, read more about what is SEO (onsite and offsite), how to do your link building, how to research for niches and keyword, and of course adsense optimization and sure enough, with all these knowledge, making money online with Google Adsense is not a difficult task.

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