Gradient Tools for Designer


Gradient Resources:

CSS Text Gradient from CSS Globe.

CSS Gradient Shadow from Dynamic Drive.

Tabs Generator – Create Gradient Tabs.

Dynamic Gradient Background.

Color Blender.

Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients – Free Downloads from Deziner Folio.

Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients – Volume 2 from Deziner Folio.

Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients – Volume 3 from Deziner Folio.

130 Web 2.0 Gradient Swatches for Illustrator from Deziner Folio.

Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles – Free Download from Deziner Folio.

Some Gradients to Save Some Time from GoSquared.

Free Photoshop Gradients Download from Euphorish.

Gradient Progress Bar from Slayer Office.

Lose the Images: How to Get Rounded Corners, Gradients, Drop Shadows and More Using CSS from DesignVitality.

The Gradient Green Navigation Bar from Listamatic.

130 Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients for Gimp from

GIMP Gradients from

 Photoshop Tutorials:

Using Photoshop Gradient Tool from FreeTimeFoto.

Photoshop 101 – The Gradient Tool from Shape Shed.

A Gradient Tutorial from 9rules.

Creating Web 2.0 Effects with Photoshop – Part 1 from SitePoint.

Smooth Gradient Header Photoshop Tutorial from Tutorial Blog.

How to Create a Transparent Gradient in Photoshop from

Creating Stylish Gradient Buttons from Wipeout44.

Jazzed Up Text With Gradient Effects from Wipeout44.

Become a Gradient Junkie from Wipeout44.

Gradient Mapping Effect in Photoshop from Wipeout44.

Web 2.0 Badge Photoshop Tutorial from Ajax Lessons.

Create a Shiny Badge Photoshop Tutorial from Tutorial Blog.

Tutorial: Rays of Light from Bartelme Design.

Sleek and Spicy Website Header Tutorial “Web 2.0 Style” from Photoshopit.

Gradient Text with Photoshop from

Underwater Scene with Gradients from

Warm Gradient Sunsets with Gradient Maps from Photoshop Essentials.

Using Gradients to Make Light and Shadow – and a Coffee Cup! from PSDTUTS.

Illustrator Tutorials:

Create Realistic Illustrations Using Illustrator’s Gradient Mesh from Veerle’s Blog.

Colorful Gradient Effects in Illustrator from Veerle’s Blog.

Transparent Gradients in Illustrator from CreativeTechs.

Adobe Illustrator – Gradient Mesh Tool, Gradients and Blends from Kevin Hulsey.

Transparent Gradient in Illustrator from Creative Bits.

Create Abstract Backgorunds in Illustrator from Vectips.

Illustrator 101: One Gradient Across Multiple Paths from BittBox.

Gradient Mesh – The Adobe Illustrator Video Podcast.

Gradient Meshes Introduction from Biorust.

How to Create Gradient Text in Illustrator from Wow Web Design.

GIMP Tutorials:

GIMP Gradient Tutorial from TankedUp Imaging.

GIMP Gradient Tutorial at YouTube.

General Tutorials:

Gradient Text Effect from Web Designer Wall.

Super-Easy Blendy Backgrounds from A List Apart.

Pure CSS Text Gradients from CSS Tricks.

Span-Free Gradient Text Effect from Sam Rayner.

Cross-Browser Gradient Backgrounds Without Images from Slayer Office.

Web 2.0 Design Kit from Photoshop Lab.

Gradients – The Web 2.0 How-to Design Guide from Web Design from Scratch.

Gradient Tiles with Shadow from Projectseven.

CSS Gradient Background from DMXzone.

Background Gradients and CSS from TankedUp Imaging.

CSS Web 2.0 Glossy Text from Just Talk About Web.

Creating Gradient Fills with ActionScript from

The Push vs. Pull Gradient from Blogoscoped.

Gradient Generators:

Gradient Image Maker from Dynamic Drive.

Gradient Text Generator.

CSS Gradients Demo.

The Amazing Gradient Generator.

Online Gradient Image Maker.

RoundedCornr – Create a rounded corner with a gradient.

Form Style Generator – Includes a gradient generator.

Gradient Generator.

secretGeeks Gradient Maker.


Yukio Miyamoto – Master of Adobe Illustrator Gradient Mesh Tool.

Color Inspiration: Blends, Gradients, Steps, Oh My! from COLOURlovers.

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