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There are many programmes which enable you to research useful keywords for your blog, such as Keyword research tool and Wordtracker. However, the downside of these programmes is that they are very expensive. Unless you are making significant sums of money it is hard to justify the cost. However,it is still possible to find relevant keywords for your blog at no cost.  Also, there is a time factor, when I had access to wordtracker I could spend many hours researching keywords. Now, I’d rather just get on and write the post. These are methods to find the right keywords at no cost and quickly.

Google Search

If you type a word into the google search box in Mozilla firefox, google will give you suggested popular keyword search combinations. This can be invaluable for thinking of related titles to your main keyword. For example, typing mortgages gives me suggestions such as: mortgage implode, mortgage rates, mortgage calculators, mortgage express. These are key phrases I wouldn’t have thought of. To make full use of this free keyword suggestion tool needs a bit of creativity. For example, it won’t give suggestions for combinations of words to procede your term …. mortgage. Therefore, keep trying different combinations of keywords you think might be a appropriate to your blog. In addition you may find Google’s adword site useful for generating keyword suggestions

Free Trial

You can always take advantage of a free trial and do some extensive keyword research in the 30 day offer period.. Keyword analysis offer a trial period which give limited access to their database. But, I still found it gave lots of ideas to be getting on with. Key word Discovery

Common Sense

After a while, you will get a feel for the kind of things that people search for. Creating titles becomes intuitive and you will need to rely less on keyword tools. For example, certain keywords are often used in relation to a variety of searches. Adding some of these words can make a big difference to the success of your title. Keywords may include:

  • Free
  • How to
  • Top 10
  • Best
  • Quotes about …
  • 2008 (people often search current year)


People don’t search with complicated sentences, they tend to use easy, common words. Try to simplify your titles If you have a title, “Are Adverse Economic Conditions having a negative impact on House prices?” Try instead, “Are house prices falling?” The second title is what people will be searching


I’m a bit of a stats addict. I waste too much time, but, at least I can console myself that your statistics programmes are very valuable for generating keywords. I recommends Awstats, Statcounter and Google analytics. All these are 3 and the second two are easy to incorporate into your blog. The key section is keyword analysis. This shows what is successful and what is working for you. Not only do you find which keywords people are using, but also their relative poverty. Start at the top of the list and see how you can expand upon them. For example, on one page, I found ‘housing Market’ was a very popular keyword. The first thing I did was to optimise this page, to try and get it an even higher google ranking. The second thing I did was to use derivations of this keyword. So for example, I created “london Housing Market” “Housing Market Panic” “Housing Market to Crash?” This is known as exploiting the ‘long tail’ and is an important aspect of any basic SEO.


What do Advertisers Use?

This is an interesting way to get not just keywords, but, also profitable keywords. Presumably firms who are advertising on Google have done market research to find what people are searching for. Look at google ads to see what titles they use. For example, searching for Mortgages at gives me advertiser links with titles such as: Problem remortgage? Bad Credit remortgage, Quick Mortgage quotes.

If you search a phrase like “hammerhead sharks” you will see no advertising results, an indication it will be a very low paying keyword and probably not worth bothering.

Making Use of Difficult Keywords

One Challenge of using keyword analysis is that often the keywords are rather unwieldy. For example, you may get keysearches like “best mortgage rates”. You may then think, how to write an article about that? One thing you can do is write an article “Tips for Finding Best Mortgage Rates” or write about the best mortgage products. This is a difficult balancing act, you need to make the article relevant to the keywords, but, there is also a degree of flexibility. Don’t forget it is helpful to link to other useful sites.

How important are keywords?

Just a short note on the importance of keywords. Generally, it depends on the blog. For my blog on writing and blogging I give little importance to keyword research, my main goal is boosting RSS subscribers. However, for my blog on Mortgages,  keyword analysis is very important for generating search engine traffic which is easier to monetize. I don’t let keyword analysis completely dominate the blog, but certainly finding the best keywords helps you to become a much more efficient blogger. – Get more traffic for less effort.

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