Flash Player Detection



Note: This tutorial is done by Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.

1. Open a new page and save it as detection.html. Create one more page and save it as found.html. Create one more page and save it as notfound.html.

By now you should have 3 pages.

  •  detection.html – page to detect flash player
  •  found.html – if flash player found it will redirect to this page
  •  notfound.html – if not found it will redirect to this page

Close found.html and notfound.html we don’t need them. We will work in your detection.html

While detection.html is open, go to Window and choose Behaviors

image 1

2. When Behaviors Window opens click on the + and choose Check Plugin

image 2

3. From the drop down menu Choose Flash, in the if found field enter found.html and for Otherwise field enter notfound.html as shown below.

image 3

Click OK.

4. Now Save your detection.html and hit F12 to preview. And you should see the result. If your PC has flash player it should go to found.html and if not found it will be redirected to notfound.html. You can enter some text for your found and notfound pages to distinguish them from each other. (Or just check the URL to see to which page it was redirected.)

image 4

That’s it!

Note: Make sure that you have chosen onLoad action for the Events, so that once the page loads it will trigger the script.

image 5

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