Easy Tips to get PR Rank Better

The process of getting search engine to pay attention to your website requires specific, personalized service. This is because every site has industry specific and consumer specific objectives that must be addressed to optimize your search engine campaign. However Here are few tips to get rank better on best search engines.


How to use Forums:

  • Always try to use related category forum.
  • Share experiences, tips, ideas, problems.
  • Try to avoid advertising on forums to get banned; it will give negative impact to search engines.
  • For Signature, always read Forum policy as there are different ways to use sign like some forums allow URL, some allow just simple text like your name or Company name etc.


Blogs helps to increase your ranking and divert good traffic on your site:

  • Create blogs on high PR blog sites. Like Blogger.com & Word press.
  • Always try to submit Original content or Article.
  • Submit your blog to different blogs directory.
  • Use Videos, RSS Feed, Blogroll, News, Images and some other services on your blogs.
  • Frequently update your blog with useful content.
  • Try to submit comments on popular blogs. There is no need to write paragraphs but you can just say thanks, ask questions, and introduce yourself.


  • Write articles yourself.
  • Article should be minimum 300- 500 and maximum 1000 words.
  • Use your targeted keyword multiple times in Article & as a title.
  • Article should be written in small paragraph (4 to 5 lines each paragraph).that will be easy to read and understand.
  • Give the references of websites where readers can get more information on the subject that you are talking about. It may be your own website or other resources.
  • Write at least one paragraph about author and their services/products in last paragraph.
  • Always to submit author & company introduction in resources box, not in article text box.

Link Building:

  • Always exchange link with related category.
  • Before adding any link to your site check site PR, Back links, and check where your link will be available.
  • Keep your link title brief and free of long sentences.
  • Try to keep your link description brief (aim for 200 characters or less).
  • Do not capitalize all letters in your link title or description.
  • Be sure that your link pages are search engine friendly. Link pages are easier indexed if they have no more than 25 links per page.

Directory Submission:

  • Always try to find accurate category in “Category” list to get approval fast.
  • Update submission details with fresh keywords, title and description every month or two months.
  • Before going to submit site details in directory, double check details you have given in submission form as free directory do not allow to edit your site details after submission.

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