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In this tutorial you will learn Ajax. Ajax is new technologies for the development of web application. Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.



In this tutorial you will learn Ajax. Ajax is new technologies for the development of web application. Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax is used to fetch the data from web serverwithout refreshing the whole page. JavaScript is used to send the request to web server in order to fetch the data. Following tutorials teaches you Ajax in detail.

  1. What is Ajax?
    Learn the basics to Ajax. This section explains the importance of Ajax in web programming.
  2. Role Of Ajax In enhancing User Experience
    AJAX is not a new technology but a combination of several existing technologies in a new way. These include HTML, CSS, DOM, XML, XSLT, XMLHttpRequest and Javascript. The acronym AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. AJAX is based on open standards supported by many browsers and platforms. AJAX is a new paradigm for building web application.   
  3. First Ajax Example
    In this section we will create a simple Ajax Application for displaying the current date and time. Date and time information are retrieved from the server side php script.
  4. Ajax Example to multiply two values
    In this section we will create an application for multiplication of two numbers. The multiplication are done at server (server side php) program and result is displayed on the client browser.
  5. Ajax Login Example
    In this program you will learn  how to validate the user and show alert message if user name or password are not correct.
  6. Ajax Registration Program
    In this Ajax Registration  program you will learn  how to validate the user registration through ajax call and then display the alert massage if no values are provided in the username and password fields.    
  7. Ajax File Upload Example
    In this example you simply create a file Upload application using ajax.

Ajax Resources

  1. Ajax Code Libraries and Tools
    Code libraries and loots for the development of your Ajax based applications. These days Ajax has been used for the development of responsive web application making it more user friendly.
  2. Ajax Chat
    List of chat application developed in Ajax. These chat applications are very responsive and don’t require full page refresh to send and retrieve the message from server.
  3. Ajax Tutorials
    Collection of many Tutorials on Ajax. These Ajax Tutorials will help you quick start your Ajax development.
  4. Ajax Examples
    Links to many Ajax Tutorials and examples.
  5. Ajax Books
    Many ajax books that you can refer.
  6. Ajax Tools
    Resources to many Ajax Tools for easy development of Ajax Applications.
  7. Ajax Software
    There are many software available these days which you can use for the development of your web based applications. Now a days Ajax can help you to help the desktop grade applications.

Ajax Books0

  1. Ajax PHP Book
  2. Ajax Framework

( I )           Ajax Tool Kit

( II )         jquery

( III )       Ext

(IV)         Rico

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