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TwiBadge is a WordPress plugin to show your Twitter badge with easy personalization. It supports widget and non-widget themes. And you can use shortcode to add Twitter badge to your blog post and page.

Current version: 1.0.2


TwiBadge is a WordPress plugin, in a widget format that resides on your WordPress blog sidebar. Itdisplays all your Tweets and replies, basically what you see on also comes with a follow button that allow any interested visitors to easily add themselves as followers.


The plugin currently supports WordPress 2.7, running on PHP5 only. I sure hope the developer will start catering for the lower versions as not everyone is running 2.7 yet, as far as I know. Looking at how Twitter, the mini-blogging web service has been strongly influencing the social network and blogosphere, any tools and services that can potentially help increase Twitter followers is definitely worth knowing and checking out.

TwiBadge is available for download here.


  • Integrate Twitter and WordPress seamlessly
  • Show Twitter badge as a WordPress widget
  • Support flash interactive widget
  • Easy personalization, no coding knowledge is needed
  • Support shortcode
  • Support non-widget theme


  • WordPress 2.7 or above
  • PHP5

Installation And Configuration

  1. Unzip the zip file you have downloaded (
  2. Upload folder twibadge to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  4. Configure the plugin through TwiBadge menu in WordPress Settings page
  5. Add TwiBadge widget through Widget menu in WordPress
  6. Done, go to your blog homepage to view the twitter badge widget
  7. If your theme doesn’t support widget, you can add the following code to anyplace of your theme <?php showTwitterBadge(); ?>

Version History/Change Log


  • First public release
  • Support flash interactive widget
  • Easy personalization


  • Fixed not to share common variable with other plugin


  • Support shortcode
  • Support non-widget theme


All files and their contents are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3.


 Download TwiBadge v1.0.1 now.


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