90 Free High Quality Icon Packs


Vista High PX

More than 150 icons based on the model of Windows Vista.

Office Space Icon Set for Windows Vista

Contains the icons in all sizes, both ico and png formats.

iVista Icon Pack

iVista Icon Pack contains 146 high quality (256×256 pixels) icons; PNG and ICO formats. This package includes: Alarm Icons, CD and DVD Icons, Files Icons, Folder Icons, Hardware Icons, Network Icons, Printer Icons, Program Icons, Start Menu Icons and more…

iVista Icon Pack 2

iVista Icon Pack 2 contains 92 high quality (256×256 pixels) icons; PNG and ICO formats. This package includes: Alarm Icons, CDs and DVDs Icons, Devices Icons, Files Icons, Folder Icons, Network Icons, Other Icons, Start Menu Icons and more…

XP Icons

Icons offered by Icongalore.com

Royalty Free Icons for Toolbar and Web

Here you can download free Mac OS X icons for your desktop. These icons are free for personal use.

Friendly Fire Icon Pack

Friendly Fire pack contains 25 high quality (256×256 pixels) icons; PNG and ICO formats. This package includes: Girl smiley icon, Cocktail smiley icon, Cool smiley icon, Googles smiley icon and more…

Yoritsuki Icons

This file contains 35 icons that are associated with hot springs in Japan.

Antique Icons

A collection of 33 antique style application icons.

Vista Glass Folder Icons

A collection of 8 icons.

Arzo Icons Vol. 1

A set of 24 icons.

Gaming Icons Pack

Gaming icons in 3d cartoon style.

Mario Galaxy Luma Icons

6 Icons. PNG format.

Christmas Icons

13 Christmas Icons. 256×256 – 48×48.

Wifun Icons by Rokey

6 Icons. PNG and ICO formats.

Grzanka’s Icons

Icons 128×128 – Made in Photoshop.

Fantastic Dream by Rokey

Welcome to the Dreaming World.

Eico 1 year by Rokey

That’s for Eicostudio 1 year Celebration Icon Set.

128×128 Icons Set 5

Set of 9 (128×128 ICO, PNG) Icons.

Antares Iconset

All are available in PNG 512px

Perfect Fanstasy

This pack Contain 62 Icons.

Monster Icons

128px Icons in ICO and PNG formats.

128×128 Icons Set 4

Set of 15 (128×128 ICO, PNG) Icons

iMac Icons

These icons are based on the newest iMac. 256 .png’s of each plus original PSD.

Camino Icons

A few icons for the Mac OSX super browser Camino, 5 colors and a retro look for your favorite browser.

Nes Icons Pack

A pack of 9 Icons.

iLife and iWork ‘08 Icons

Even Includes Appleworks 6, and Aperture.

Mouse Category Season 03

Done in CorelDRAW. Finalized in Photoshop.

Mouse Category Season 02

This time all the png files are 128×128 with transparent shadow.

Mouse Category Season 01

PNG downloading is available now.

DeskMundo Live Icons

All are in 256×256 Pixels.

Computers PNG Icons

66 PNG Icons.

File Icons V.3

100 different file extensions. Includes 100 PNGs and 100 Icons.

Gamepads Icons

Gamepads Icons And PNG’s. 256 x 256 and 48 x 48.

40 Glamour ICO and PNG Icons

Pack of 40 ICO and PNG glamour Icons for Windows.

Fashion Icon Set 2

23 Fashion Icons in PNG and ICO format.

Vista RTM Style PNG and ICO

Created (17) 256 x 256 PNG’s and ICO’s for personal use only.

Darkness Blue

5 PNG and ICO icons.

Xi4Dox Icons

15 Icons in PNG and ICO formats.

Ricebowl Icons

Ricebowl is an icon collection for Linux, Mac OS X. Windows might be supported as well in the future.

CS3 Icons Set Replacement

8 PNG-ICO-ICNS. 11 formats. 16×16 to 256×256.

Translucent HD Drives Icons

8 Icons [PNG and ICO].

iVista Missing Icons

Contains 45 Icons. PNG and ICO formats.

Finding Nemo Vista Icons

Finding Nemo set full of color and detailed characteristics, with a glossy finished to make these icons look smooth giving them a really cool appearance.

Consoles Vista Icons

This icons set comes with detailed characteristics, keeping the exactly same colors of the real ones, designed in an isometric perspective so you can see almost all the details of the consoles. This is a cool professional icon set inspired in those who are mad about electronic devices.

Influens Icons

There are 42 icons (.ICO) and 2 .PSD template for files.

Bagg and Box’s Icons

This Pack contains 70 icons makes for baggs and boxs .ICO for Windows ( XP, Vista) and PNG.


Pack of 22 Icons.

Crazy iMac Vol. 2

20 iMac Icons (ICO, PNG, INCS).

Alert’s Icons Pack 4

264 Icons in Pack with transparent backgrounds (alpha channel PNG).

Christmas Dock Icons

Christmas Dock Icons 512px PNG.

Caterpillar Dock Icons

256×256 Pixels in PNG format.

Mexican Icons

Available in PNG (256) Win (ICO) and Mac (ICNS).

Carbon PLUS

A set of over 20 bonus dock icons in PNG format.

Stainless Dock Icons

1 Yahoo Icon, 1 Maxthon Icon and 1 The Sims2 Icon

Adobe Creative Suite 2 Icons

A Pack of 5 Icons. PNG and ICO formats.

Original Messenger Pack V.2

This pack contain 3 Icons.

Christmas Pack

Christmas Icon Pack by Yellowicon team.

Keyboard Keys Icons

Pack including 178 PNG keys of your keyboard, capitals, specials types, bonus.

Apple Icons V.2

An Apple Pack witch contains 5 PNG files.

RTM SideBar Icons

There are 27 Icons with a glass and no glass overlay in PNG and ICO formats.

Summer Collection

Summer Collection contains 74 green and sunny Icons in PNG format.

The Office Collection

154 Icons. PNG, Mac, and Windows formats. 256×256

Transformers Vista Icons

This set of Icons contains graphic illustrations of trasformers movie, like the extruded logo of decepticons and autobots, you also will find the main characters of the movie like optimus prime and megatron.

Christmas XP

A Few Xmas Icons which can be used to replace some icons in your dock or desktop. It can be used as cliparts as well.

Choose your sport Icons

8 Icons about sport areas. PNG format to 256×256 pixels. ICO format to 128×128 pixels.

Rayman Raving Rabbids PNG Icons

PNG Icons for Rayman Raving Rabbids.


Set of 9 Box themed folder PNG’s (500 x 500).

Surprise! Icon Pack

Surprise! Icon Pack V.2.

Daft Punk Icons

ICO, ICNS and PNG formats.

Zen Micro Icons

A group of 22 Files featuring the Creative Zen Micro Digital Player.

Converse All-Star Icons

30 PNG files. 256×256.

Folder Icon Pack

This Folder Icon Pack includes regular folder icon, favorite folder Icon, download folder Icon, music folder Icon, picture folder Icon and video folder Icon. All are available in PNG(256px) and ICO(128px) file format.

Dsquared Trash Icons

A set of 16 Icons. 8 different colours.

Medieval Helmets Icons.

Pack that contains 12 PNG Icons 128×128.

Boxes Crystals: CS3 Icons

Pack of 8 Icons. PNG and ICO formats.

Oh, Doctor! Icons

10 Icons for ours Doctors!

Song Zhu Mei Windows Version

A pack of 6 Icons.

SeventySeven Icons for Windows

Windows Version. ICO’s and PNG’s included.

MetalTunes Icons

3 PNG Icons.

Games Icons

4 Icons. PNG and ICO. 256×256.

Soviet Patch PNG files

A pack of 4 PNG Icons.

Mail Kit Icons

20 Icons of mail, envelopp, mailbox, icard, address. Made in 4 colors (silver, black, red and blue). Comes with ICNS, ICO and PNG formats.

Cubonic Icons

Set of Icons for drive replacement. ICO, PNG and ICNS. 3 Styles, 21 Icons.

Office Tools

This pack contains 8 office tools icons.

Famicom 3D

56 Icons with the look 80? NES plays: It’s Famicom 3D. A pack which should like nostalgic of Nintendo


43 Icons. 128×128 PNG’s.

Autumn Breeze

6 Icons for Windows in 8 Sizes.

Accumulator Icons

5 Icons in PNG format.

Mini Icons

PSD format. 513×61.

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