100 File Hosting and Sharing Sites List


Storage/Sharing Services

4shared.com – Share a file or an entire folder for free, up to 1GB. More space available for annual subscription plans.Badongo.com – Unlimited file storage, inactive files files deleted after 45 days for free members, never for premium members.

BigFilebox.com – Free storage up to 100MB, more space available for a fee.

BooMP3.com – Free unlimited storage of audio files.

Box.net – Up to 1GB of storage of files up to 10MB size each, more space for monthly or annual fee.

BOXSTr.com – 10GB of storage of files up to 250MB in size each, 10GB of bandwidth.

DivShare – Upload a file, store it forever, embed it anywhere you want. Premium service allows you to brand your embeds.

Ewedrive.com – Store up to 1GB for free, more available at a fee.

Exaroom.com – Upload files, make a profile, let friends browse and download your files, access your files from anywhere.

FileDEN.com – 1GB of storage, files up to 50MB each, hotlinking allowed of all file extensions.

FileHo.com – Unlimited storage, you can choose to share your files or keep them private.

FileNanny.com – Store up to 500MB of files and share them with anyone.

FilePanda.com – Upload files up to 200MB in size, share them with others.

Flypicture.com – Unlimited hosting of pictures, audio or movie files, free use for blogs and auctions.

Freefilehosting.net – Free hosting of files up to 3MB in size, use anywhere.

GigaSize.com – Store up to 1.5GB, share files for up to 90 days.

I2drive.com – Plans as low as $4.99 for 500MB of storage.

In.solit.us – Upload your files, keep them private or opt to make them public so anyone can download them.

Jumbodir.com – Upload without even registering, up to 2GB of space and no time limits if you do register.

Mediafire.com – Upload up to 10 files of up to 100MB each at a time, unlimited storage, link and share if you like.

MediaMax.com – Up to 25GB of free storage, 10MB per file, more space and size limits available by subscription.

Megaupload.com – Up to 50GB of free storage and sharing capabilities for free.

Mofile.com – Up to 1GB of sharing storage.

MyDataBus.com – Upload up to 5GB of files for free and share, can integrate with Facebook.

MyFabrik.com – 1GB of media storage you can share and embed.

OneDump.com – Free hosting and sharing of up to 10 files of 5MB each.

QuickSharing.com – Up to 500MB per file, deleted after 30 days of inactivity.

RapidSahre.com – Share an unlimited number of files up to 100MB in size, an unlimited number of times.

Supload.com – Unlimited image hosting for use with sites such as eBay and MySpace.

TagAndFile.com – Store up to 100MB for free, more space available for a fee.

Upfordown.com – 20GB of storage with 50GB of bandwidth the first month for free.

Webcargo.net – Mail files up to 100MB for free, stay online for up to 7 days. More paid options.

WOOfiles.com – Up to 1GB of storage, share with friends.

Xdrive.com – Up to 5GB of storage, access from anywhere, share with friends and family.

zUpload.com – Share files up to 500MB in size, unlimited downloads.

 Online Backup

Allmydata.com – Unlimited storage and automated backup for $4.99 a month.

Angelbackup.com – Prices as low as $1.95 for 2GB of automated backup.

BlogBackupOnline.com – Automatically backs up your blog for you with up to 50MB of storage.

Carbonite.com – Backup your entire hard drive automatically, no free version.

CrashPlan.com – Automated backup plans as low as a one-time $20 fee, unlimited space.

Datapreserve.com – Automated, managed off-site remote backups, focusing on businesses.

Egnyte.com – Backup your files, store them securely, export them back to your computer in a crash. Share with co-workers for collaborative work.

ElephantDrive.com – 1GB of free storage, automated backups; up to 1TB in subscription form.

File123.com – 1GB of space for free, up to 10GB of backup for as low as $4.95 a month.

gDisk – Turn your Gmail account in to an online storage space for free.

GoDaddy.com – All paid plans, as low as $5.99 a year for 50MB, sync between multiple computers.

IBackup – Anywhere from 5GB to 300GB of storage, no free services.

iOmega iStorage – Automated backups for personal or business users, file sharing available.

Ironmountain.com – Focusing on professional backup solutions from small business up to government agencies.

MediaMaster.com – Unlimited storage of your music collection.

Mozy.com – Automated online backup of your selected files with versioning.

Mp3Tunes.com – Unlimited free storage of your music collection, streaming play of the songs from anywhere.

MyOtherDrive.com – Store up to 5GB of files, use as backup or share.

Omnidrive.com – Backup anywhere from 1GB for free, use as backup you can access from anywhere, or use as a file host to use on other sites.

Orbitfiles.com – 6GB of storage for your files, automated backup, ability to share with family and friends.

SOSOnlineBackup.com – Automated backup of your essential files.

Steekr.com – Online backup of digital media, free up to 1GB, subscriptions for more. Stream your stored music for listening anywhere, share files with friends.

Strongspace.com – Minimum of a 5GB subscription package, files are shareable with other registered users.

Textive.com – Backup your documents for free. Choose to publish some or all of your files, get paid for them.

Titanize.com – Online backup that allows you to snyc with other devices and share links to your files.

Trueshare.com – Secure off-site data backup, packages as small as 3GB up to 1TB.

Yuntaa.com – Sync your hard drive with your online storage, restore, or share. Free up to 1GB.

Sending Services

Arunalabs.com – Send large files to anyone on the net.

Bigfilez.com – Send a file up to 500MB in size to multiple recipients.

Bigupload.com – Send files up to 500MB in size, up to 2GB for premium members.

BoxCloud.com – Up to 1GB of free sending, more space with paid plans.

Driveway.com – Send an unlimited number of files up to 500MB each in size.

DropSend.com – Email files up to 250MB in size, subscriptions get you larger files and more storage.

FileFactory.com – Send up to 25 files at a time at 300MB per file.

JustUpIt.com – Send a file up to 120MB to up to four email addresses.

Jagbox.com – Upload a file up to 100MB in size, share the link, set an expiration time.

LeapFILE.com – Send files of various sizes, 7 day trial, subscription thereafter.

Localhostr.com – Upload a file up to 50MB in size, share it with friends.

MailBigFile.com – Send up to a 100MB file to one recipient, up to 2GB to 5 recipients if you subscribe.

MoveDigital.com – Store and deliver large files easily with a drag-and-drop interface.

Pandafile.com – Send a file, no limitations mentioned.

Send6.com – Send up to six large files at once for free, private branding available.

Sendspace.com – Send files up to 300MB in size, unlimited downloads.

SendThisFile.com – Subscription only, size and bandwidth vary with plan.

Sharebee.com – Upload a file, share the link, no mention of limitations on size.

YouSendIt.com – Email files up to 100MB in size for free, bigger limits by subscription.

YouSwap.com – Upload and send up to 1GB of files to multiple email addresses.

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